Air Guard AG-1500 Antibacterial Vaporizer FLV Package

Package includes:

1x AG-1500 Antibacterial Vaporizer w/ Wireless Remote

2x FLV-05 Antibacterial Solutions

$ 1,251.41


Air Guard AG-1500 Antibacterial Vaporizer FLV Package

Super Burst Power Antibacterial Vaporizer.

The AG-1500 features a high output upshot blast to spread fog and fill a room very quickly. Paired with either the FLD or FLV Antibacterial Solution, the fog can reach everywhere and form a 3D protective layer on objects in the fogged space. The layer inhibits the growth of bacteria providing a more hygienic and safer living environment.

AG-1500 is designed for large areas like banks, post offices, libraries, theatres, concert halls, etc. It’s built-in six duration settings allow users to set output timing based on the targeted area size.

The FLV-05 is a specially formulated liquid designed for Air Guard series vaporizer. Paired together, they can bring antibacterial fog to everywhere, even go deep to the air conditioner system. It can form a protective layer on the objects in the room to inhibit the growth of bacteria to provide a hygienic and safe living environment.

The solution has a woody fragrance for neutralising bad odours effectively.