Air Guard AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer Flight Case Package

Package includes:

1x AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer

1x FLD-05 Antibacterial Solution

1x Charger

1x Flight Case

$ 1,058.00


Air Guard AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer Flight Case Package

Sanitise Anywhere, Anytime.

Need to sanitize anywhere, anytime, when no power is available? Air Guard AG-20 is the answer!

The first of its kind under the Air Guard Series, the AG-20 is a compact portable Antibacterial Vaporizer powered by a rechargeable battery which allows you to sanitize both small and medium-size areas, making it perfect for quick and easy sanitising of tents, cars, buses, boats, planes, office spaces, etc.

It features a unique heating element that requires no warm-up time, with 9 built-in timer DIP-switch setting and wireless remote control.

The FLD-05 is a specially formulated liquid designed for Air Guard series vaporizer. Paired together, they can bring antibacterial fog to everywhere, even go deep to the air conditioner system. It can form a protective layer on the objects in the room to inhibit the growth of bacteria to provide a hygienic and safe living environment.

The solution has phytoncide and fruity fragrance for neutralising bad odours effectively.