Air Guard AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer

AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer Specifications

Voltage: DC 12V (Battery), AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Battery charger)

Rated Power: 600W

Warm-up Time: 1 second (approx.)

Fluid Consumption: 14 ml/min

Fluid Tank Capacity: 0.4 L

Compatible Fluid: Air Guard FLD Antibacterial Solution

Ambient temp. range: 0 °C – 40 °C

Control: Manual, Wireless

Dimension: L 293 W108 H238 mm

Weight: 8.5 KG

$ 938.00


Air Guard AG-20 Antibacterial Vaporizer

Sanitise Anywhere, Anytime.

Need to sanitize anywhere, anytime, when no power is available? Air Guard AG-20 is the answer!

The first of its kind under the Air Guard Series, the AG-20 is a compact portable Antibacterial Vaporizer powered by a rechargeable battery which allows you to sanitize both small and medium-size areas, making it perfect for quick and easy sanitising of tents, cars, buses, boats, planes, office spaces, etc.

It features a unique heating element that requires no warm-up time, with 9 built-in timer DIP-switch setting and wireless remote control.