Air Guard AG-800 Antibacterial Vaporizer FLV Package

Package includes:

1x AG-800 Antibacterial Vaporizer w/ Wireless Remote

1x FLV-05 Antibacterial Solution

$ 485.05


Air Guard AG-800 Antibacterial Vaporizer FLV Package

Portable, lightweight and easy to use Antibacterial Vaporizer.

AG-800 produces fog to sanitize the entire dimensional space of any area. Fogging with the Air Guard Antibacterial Solution will form a 3D protective layer on all the exposed surfaces and objects in the area to inhibit bacterial growth.

The operation is easy, just simply press the button on the handle when it is ready to fog. Warm-up time for the machine is approximately 2 minutes. It can be used as a regular sanitise solution in any place, car, house, office, etc., eliminate most fungi, germs, virus, dust mites and also get rid of bad odours effectively.

The FLV-05 Antibacterial Solution is a specially formulated liquid designed for Air Guard series vaporizer. Paired together, they can bring antibacterial fog to everywhere, even go deep to the air conditioner system. It can form a protective layer on the objects in the room to inhibit the growth of bacteria to provide a hygienic and safe living environment.

The solution has a woody fragrance for neutralising bad odours effectively.