B15 – Compact multi-talent

Our subwoofer B15 is a real multi­ talent. The bass­reflex system equipped with 1x 15“ driver is especially suited as a passive bass extension for all our M­-series speakers. Due to the speaker chassis specifically developed and optimised for this application we achieve outstanding bass response in spite of the com­ pact design. The fall­off in efficien­ cy of the LF­driver to the higher frequencies causes a soft filtering of mid­high frequencies with the lowest possible phase­shift when combined with the optional passive crossover PWB15.
Because of this the subwoofer can be connected in parallel with fullrange speakers without additional ampli­fiers or system controllers without problems. The fullrange system is strongly supported in the low frequency range while staying almost unchanged in the midrange.
The highpass output of the passive crossover PWB15, tuned specifically to the M8, relieves the satellite speaker and lets the combination sound extremely homogenous.
Another advantage: caused by the speaker impedances of a passive combination of the B15 with one M12 or M15 fullrange speaker, the amplifier power is divided into two thirds to the subwoofer and one third to the top. This does not only relieve the fullrange system but also pro­ motes balanced playback of music. Again and again and again…