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B30 – Successful High Performance

Success makes us proud. The sensational hybrid construction of our B30 subwoofer unites all the advantages of bass­reflex and horn systems: high efficiency, long throw and an extremely low cutoff frequency distinguish this design by TW AUDiO. Coupling of the soundfield is done through the full frontal plane and therefore reduces the usual friction and flow disturbances to an absolute minimum.
The results are efficient energy con­version with low losses, controlled impulse reproduction and excellent dynamics even under full load. With the twin 15“ neodymium drivers the B30 subwoofer can even project frequencies around 40 Hz powerfully at a light weight of 39 kg. Therefore it can deliver more than 2 octaves without restrictions, making it usable without additional infra­bass units.
The cabinet depth of 80 cm enables loading in Euro­truck standard sizes: up to 4 units stacked on the QDB30 quad­dolly and three of the dollys next to each other ­ a perfect fit. Reliable and always inspiring the B30 does its job. No wonder that it is so successful and that we are proud.