BSX – Extensively deep working

We, being known for developing small, compact products, which can always be flexibly combined, have built a giant black box. A double 21 inch sub woofer in the format 140 – 60 – 90. The big subwoofer eXtension. The BSX. If you look closer you will see immediately that the box matches us and our customers just as well as any other TW AUDiO product. The BSX fits harmoniously into our product family. This starts with its dimensions. Because the 140cm width offers exactly the right amount of space to be able to position two B30’s or S30’s exactly next to each other. Therefore the BSX serves as a massive foundation. Literally. But also the construction is typical for us with the BSX using the same hybrid casing principle as our B30 and S30 models. Because only in this way is it at all possible to efficiently connect the immense air mass, which can be moved by this device, to the sound field.
Flow and friction loss are minimised as much as possible and the energy noticeably arrives even from a distance.
As always with a TW AUDiO development, here also the focus goes into fine detail. For example the stacking foot notches for all sensible combinations with other TW AUDiO loudspeakers. And there are the now legendary TW AUDiO handles. 12 in number, optimally placed. Therefore this subwoofer can be transported, laid down, positioned and tipped by one person.
Of course the BSX is primarily a real deep bass addition for those who want to set up their systems “upside down” with enormous boost. Because even one single BSX is completely able to stand by the side of a complete PA-SYS-ONE.
But the BSX would not be a real TW AUDiO product if it could only be used in one way. Therefore even in the development and construction, right from the beginning we placed importance on being able to reproduce even frequencies up to 120Hz cleanly and impulse faithfully. So you can also combine our double 21 directly with the T24 top part or the VERA10 system. Practical. Precise. Problem free.
How is that possible? Due to the newly developed 21“ drivers. They are completely unique. Fitted with a specially developed 5.3“ aluminium moving coil. With an extremely stiff and yet light membrane. The whole thing is then combined with the powerful neodymium-magnetic system, with a membrane attachment that allows distances of more than +/- 30 mm. Peak performance potential of 10 kW per driver. Therefore our BSX is in a position to easily contend with extreme acoustic bass requirements. You will quickly see that the BSX is a dyed in the wool TW AUDiO product. Because with regard to the parameters of size, weight, performance and flexibility: it sings small.