M-SYS-TWO –Strikingly passive

This must be the most compact possibility to combine TW AUDiO systems with our system solution thinking. The M8 speakers deliver crystal clear treble to above 18 kHz through the CD­horn with an opening of 90x 60 degrees as well as impressively direct mids. The pair of B15 subwoofers with PWB15 passive crossover offer three operating modes via switchable high­ and lowpass­filters. This way the M­SYS­TWO components can always be combined with other TW AUDiO speakers.
Two dollys for B15, a carrying bag for two M8 and the suitable set of cables turn the M­SYS­TWO into a complete system offering a quality so far restricted to active systems even when driven with standard amplifiers or power­mixers. A high­end sound system in mini­format. The maximum.
If you know what we mean.