VERA S33 – Pointing the way

VERA S33 – pointing the way…
…in the true sense of the word.
Its special feature: an 18 inch chassis at the front and a 15 inch chassis at the back. Dual-channel control gives a forward directied bass radiation with a damping of up to 15 dB in the rear. This results in a much more solid, tight and musical bass sound, especially in environments with difficult acoustics. Also actors on the stage and neighbours behind the venue are beeing spared from too much low frequency energy.
Many different stacking variants are available with the VERA S33 of course. With the same system width and the same rigging gear, the VERA S33 can be integrated inconspicuously into a VERA36 array. But also classic L-R-stacks, horizontal rows in front of the stage and complete vertical bass arrays are possible. Either stacked or flown.
Thanks to its compact dimensions and the characteristic TW AUDiO handles, the VERA S33 cardioid sub is simple and flexible to operate. As expected. As always.